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About Us

The practice of naturopathic medicine in the modern days has shifted from mere conjecture and superstition. It has become a professional calling that requires scientific and sophisticated approach. The different therapeutic modalities that we have in naturopathic medicine have been subjected to empirical researches and scientific methodology.

The good news is that the number one registered and government approved school in Nigeria, Fountain International College of Integrative Medicine has started her on line version of the programs. The first of these programs is diploma. in Integrative medicine/diploma naturopathic medicine which is a year course with well-designed lectures in different forms that provide both theoretical and practical knowledge that is required of them to practice naturopathic medicine professionally and holistically. The other programs are master course in naturopathic medicine and proficiency certificate course in naturopathic medicine which are a month training and a week training respectively.

Our Founder

Dr Opeyemi Abdulahi Olanrewaju. (PhD. Epidemiology, Msc Community Health, Msc Clini. Linguistics, B.Pharm, BSc Public Health, ACU Doc., ND, DTIM) Dr Opeyemi AO is the chief medical director of Shifau Rahmon Integrative Medicine Hospital located in Osogbo and Lagos. He is the founder and provost of Fountain International College of Integrative Medicine. For the past 15 years and more has been active in the training and enlightenment of the public and students who wish to propagate NATURE CURE MEDICINE amongst Naturopaths, physicians, surgeons, Pharmacists, nurses, physiotherapists etc….. He has knowledge of over 100 branches of Alternative medicine cum conventional medicine in his tool box. Organized and presented at many seminars and trainings at both national and international level. Patients suffering from diabetes, cancer, HIV, hypertension, cardiac diseases, reproductive diseases,…got reason to live normal again after having him as their medical care giver.

Our Vision

To enlighten and educate the general Nigerian populace and international communities on how to prevent and treat diseases and promote health irrespective of religion, political or ethnic background affiliation.

Our Mission

ØTo have as many natural medicine practitioners as possible who will be making an
unrelenting effort in promoting the health of humanity.

Ø To correct wide spread notion of incurable diseases through practical approach.

Ø To put an end to Covid’19 and other epidemics in our societies through the use of
natural means.

Ø To collaborate with the conventional medical practitioners to improve the standard
of our health care system

Our Activities


Having being accredited by the Ministry of Education, Osun State Board of traditional Medicine, and the Corporate Affairs Commission of Nigeria the right to certification, the Fountain International College of Integrative medicine (FICIPM) and the Shifau Rahmon Integrative medicine Hospital: Train student nationally and internationally in different aspect of natural medicine which include Phytotherapy,Diet and nutritional therapy, Cuppying therapy, Acupuncture and Acupressure, Chiropractice, Aromathrapy, Apitherapy, Homeopathy, Hypnotherapy, Massage therapy, Bone manipulation and many more. We also train student in a practical way of medical diagnosis, treatment plans and modalities, prevention and management of chronic ailments.
We also educate the populace on healthy life, good dietary habit, methods of disease prevention, proper hygiene, exercise and general tips for healthy living.
We also engage in bio-medical research which aims at discovering novel, effective and save therapeutic modalities to combat contemporary incurable diseases.
We also corroborate with conventional and natural health industries to standardize the health condition of the people.
We as well create natural medicine books on numerous health conditions that are readily available for the participants of our various programs.