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A medical doctor is an agent of pharmaceutical companies who lures patients to buy drugs of high toxicity by only telling them some few benefits and cover millions of
deadly dangers.Is that strange to you? Before I make myself clear,let me present a popular statement of doctor Vernon coleman: “Modern medicine is not a science and modern clinicians and medical researchers are not scientists.]

Modern clinicians may use scientific techniques but in the way that they treat their patients they are still quacks….. Medicine is no
longer an independent profession. Doctors have become nothing more than a link connecting the pharmaceutical industry to the consumer” while explaining the extent of this decadence, doctor Glenn A.Warner said ” we have a multi-billion dollar industry that is killing people, right and left, just for financial gain. Their idea of research is to see whether two doses of this poison is better than three doses of that poison.” My dear readers, have you ever experienced a scenario in our conventional hospitals when, before you make a sentence of your complaint, your doctor has written several lines. What is he writing? Is he picking information from your mind or does he have preformed impression about your suffering ?
Perhaps he knows you more than yourself through his knowledge of anatomy and physiology! What a strange scientific approach! Doctors are no more interested in the number of their patients who gain full recovery but only in the quantity of drugs given to them and amount of money gotten from them. What a dangerous situation! Indeed, the real meaning of the word “doctor “is
“teacher ” you are expected as a doctor to create time for your patient to educate,guide and orientate your patient on the best way to achieve maximum health. Why are doctors of nowadays are all concerned about poisonous drugs ? Why are they
not educating their patients on the deadly effects of this drugs? Wise up before doctors poison your
vital organs and turn you to beggar for organ transplantation.

Good day Nigerians. As a natural medicine practitioner, I am dissatisfied at the alarming rate at which conventional chemotherapeutic agents kill people before the cancer itself.People suffer a lot in our teaching hospitals! They waste their resources,time and energy in their pursuit of cancer cures.The question is: for how long are we going to subject ourselves to this brutal and inhumane treatment in the hand of medical doctors and researchers. They define chemotherapy as a pharmacological agent that selectively destroys the cancerous cells without tampering with the normal healthy functional cells. What a deceitful definition!
Realities from the appearance of the victims of cancer revealed that the above definition is nothing but a deceitful pedagogical depiction.Within a week of the administration of this agent,they become weak,feable,and functionally unhealthy. Chemotherapy always worsen the cancer victims conditions. Millions of patients die on regular basis after spending millions of naira on chemotherapy, radiotherapy and surgery.
Let me tell you, cancer is not that difficult to treat ,it is the wrong approach adopted in its treatment in the name of the so called conventional treatment modality that makes it seems incurable.I have treated several cancer cases successfully making use of natural medicine modalities. Let us get informed about this modalities and help millions of people who are suffering from this deadly disease.The following natural medicine approaches are undoubtedly useful in the treatment of different types of malignancies: cupping therapy clears the blood of several cancer causative agents and detoxifies the body,phytotherapy supplies the body with natural,pure,whole,organic and undenatured nutritional values and also detoxifies, hydrotherapy removes toxin and prooxidants from the body and normalises different chemical processes in the body,acupuncture manages the pain associated with cancer, apitherapy ,supplies the body with phytochemicals that selectively destroy cancerous cells, aromatherapy calms the body and many other natural, save and effective modalities in naturopathic medicine.
Furthermore, your cancer can be cured using : green tea,spirulina, chlorella,bee pollen and other bee product.Wheatgrass, alfalfa,black seed ,pomegranate and many others.Some fruits and vegetables are also very beneficial In the treatment of cancer.This fruits and vegetables include: pomegranate, strawberry, mulberry, soursop,broccoli, cauliflower, celery,canter loupe, and many others
If you’re suffering from cancer of any kind ,make a smoothy of the fruits and vegetables above add onion and raw tomato and put a table spoon of spirulina powder and a spoon of been pollen .Take a cup of the smoothy morning and evening. Do cupping once in a week for six months if your pcv is OK ,do aromatherapy once daily for the period of six months and take the following herbs as prescribed below:
-Green tea powder,15g twice daily
-black seed powder,20g twice daily
-milk thistle powder 10g twice daily
Everything for six months ,my dear readers I beg you in the name of God help cancer patients, stop their suffering, stop immature death,stop the use of dangerous chemical called chemotherapy and let’s help humanity
For enquiry,call doctor Abdulahi Opeyemi on :07061981834 or mail me at Abdulahiopeyemi
Stay healthy ,it shall be well with you.